Steps To Becoming An Exception Interior Designer

The job of an interior decorator is to design and beautify the interior of a home or any other confined space. Their job is not limited to designing residential homes and apartments; they design offices, establishments, educational institutions, sports centres, health centres and whatever else you can think of.Their preoccupation is to create beauty in every building or structure. They take time to understand what the client needs, then they visualise it and make it come into reality.


This job may look easy at the surface level but it is not, not even remotely. The designer has to be creative and innovative. He or she also must have some education. The interior design profession is one that combines other professions. At various stages of the project, the designer may have to be an artist, a manager or even a marketer. To become an interior designer, it is important to have at least a diploma or a degree in interior decoration. Taking courses related to interior decoration makes the designer has the right perspective about the job. It also helps to increase and hone the creative skills of the designer.


Mostly, the profession has been left for the females because of all its intricacies but stereotypes are being broken. Now, men are taking up the job too.It should be mentioned that an interior decorator can have rather high wages. But one also needs to be a real professional in this sphere. If a person wants to become a successful Interior Decorator the following several tips will be of great help.

Let us discuss the income of an interior designer. It depends on the designer's proficiency and client following but the average designer generates high revenue. It is important for the designer to be a professional.


For anybody just starting out on the path to be a professional designer, these instructions could be of considerable help.

Becoming a professional interior designer requires many steps; they include:


Eye Training


Interior design requires someone who has got the eye to detail. An interior designer should have a good sight for design.

The moment a designer set eyes on the project, he or she should know what should be added and what is not needed to improve the appearance of that room.

The designer should train his or her eyes, all right but the question that should be asked is "How can the eyes get trained?"

Well, the designer needs to keep his or her ears open and listen to what people have to say about their style and preference and see if he or she can conjure an image of their thoughts.

The designer should also take regular and frequent looks at magazines that curate and feature the best works in interior design. He or she can also visit rooms that have been designed.

Furthermore, visits should be planned to art galleries, furniture showrooms and other structures. The designer would notice some details that could be of help in such places.


Of course, an interior designer or decorator should have adequate and outstanding knowledge of interior design.

The elements of interior design such as styles of decoration, accessories, wall coverings, window treatment and so on need the designer to know about them as they are the core of the profession.

One credible place you can learn the fundamentals of interior design is the internet. There are lots of websites that deal with interior designs and decoration. The designer can invest his or her time and learn from them.

Also, there are books being published on interior design, the designer can also invest in them.

Furthermore, speaking to decorators and designers who have got more experience is also a good way of knowing more about the profession.


The designer can review his or her past works and analyse them and see what can be done better. Basically, practice helps to hone the skills of the designer.




To become an exceptional designer, you should be observant of the surroundings as they can inspire the best of designs. Pay attention to every element you come in contact with as even the most ordinary thing can be the key to creative solutions.




Volunteering may not be glamorous or even appear as motivating but it is one sure way to garner experience and learn. For one, you would be working with people who have experience and are successful in their profession. It might not bring in much money or any money for that matter but the experience you will gain on those jobs are really essential.


You would get to be on the field and witness first-hand the intricacies of interior design.




Having a portfolio is essential for an interior designer to have. It is a collection of works that have been previously done. Clients would like to see a guarantee that they are hiring the right person and this is what a portfolio does; make them trust you.


Get A Job Or Business


After finishing the interior design job, it is necessary to take up a job so there would be a chance to practice and garner experience.

And if you prefer to work independently, start your own business. You get to work as your own boss and exhibit all work done independently.

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